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Jump Into Source Bliss

It is all about creating a coherent energy field and a sacred container for people to feel into Source and cultivate a direct relationship to Source.

We want you to tap into how loved and acknowledged you are by Source. We have many quantum healers and speakers from all over the world to open up a new perspective on Source and what Source Connection feels like. 


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Bring your source to life

with Malika

About Malika

Malika is a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, a Source Connection Catalyst, and an Intuitive Healer/Coach. Malika works through Source and her pure essence to heal and transform lives. Being a catalyst for soul growth and transformation, she does everything from resculpting traumatic moments and past lives to removing karmic contracts that block you from upleveling your frequency and moving into the next level of life. Through her strong intuitive gifts, she is able to feel into what you need at any given time and holds space for you to transform through Source directly. 

Our Speakers

Karen Curry Parker
Patricia Cota-Robles
Judy Cali
Brian Besco
Rebecca Wilson
Sarah McCrum
Adalina East
Joy Baker
Misa Hopkins
Dr. Deborah Fryer
Barbara Canals
Jonita D'souza
Carsten Spencer
Mel Mason
Neepam Jain
Dr. Bruce Goldberg

our Mission

Our mission is to plant the seed of creating your own relationship with Source/God/Universal Consciousness in millions of hearts worldwide. Direct Source Connection is our vision. Our service is to allow you to feel into Source in all ways. Besides our global online Summits, we send out Weekly Loves Notes from Source so you can feel intimate with Source.

From Our Amazed Audience:

The first time I saw Malika, I could not cease staring at her, she was such a bright beacon of light, so pure, like pure consciousness. Then, I was blessed to speak with Malika and I was so honored for her to share her loving light and insights with me. Malika is such a beautiful soul! I look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you again for your kindness.💖🌞🌈 Sending You Lots of Unconditional Love!
Nancy, USA
I opened my heart with you and all that is. I felt Source Bliss and unconditional love from all of creation. It was so powerful comforting at the same time. It brought tears to my eyes several times in humility and grace. I am so blessed to know you and experience your guided transformation to Bliss.
Will, Canada
You spoke directly to my heart in a great hour of need. Coherence. I love you. I am so grateful for you Malika for bringing forth this Summit and shining your light so brightly!
Leslie, USA
Malika! Oh my God! I have been in a dark place for a while now and it was like my first time seeing the sun. God bless you and this work you are doing. Your story made me sob and I connected with every word you both said. The transmission, healing and magic within this can change people’s lives. You are gifted and the gift.
Nahida, USA
Thank you for another rich and deep series I so appreciate & love you Peace, Blessings & Blessings
David, USA
In regards to many other summits hosted by other amazing people, yours is really awesome! And I want to say thank you for this really amazing choice of speakers and I’m very happy to discover all that beauty existing. And the way you do interviews is really authentic, respectful, and loving.
Juliane, France
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