Brian’s Special Sales Offer

The Quantum Heart Pendant

The Quantum Heart is where we find your Personal Healer. Your Personal Healer is a golden ball of light, or fire, whichever you see or feel it to be. 

One purpose of this pendant is to integrate all that you are as a soul into wisdom and light. This is working with your Soul Aspects, which brings more peace into your moments!

The Pendant is grounding and protecting as it transforms electromagnetics and dense energies within your field.

Being in the Heart with this Pendant brings in more consciousness and light than has ever been held in any incarnation as a human.  This comes through a simple breath, and the amount of consciousness and light increases as you release and allow!

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Carsten’s Offer

Purchase a Life Path/Energy Balancing Session and get the Confident Manifestation Series free ($129 Value)

Use Discount Code BLISS and get the Confident Manifestation 5-part Video Series (usually $129) as a Gift!

During your Life Path Session, we will focus on your birth path, particularly where you are on your “Saturn Journey” and how that relates to your money, career, relationships, health and living situation. I’ll connect with my guides (Metatron & Quan Yin) and call in the healing power of the crystals using sound vibration to clear blocks, harmonize the chakras, and illuminate the way forward. 

Purchase the Past Life Regression Series and get 3 Workshops and 2 Video Series ($600 Value) as a gift

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You will gain insights about your present relationships as you recognize those with whom you’ve shared previous lifetimes. Through this process you will experience the multi-dimensional, eternal aspect of your Being and feel the power and presence of you Higher Guidance and Soul Family. With this special offer you get 6 hours of private past-life facilitation, (normally $600) for just $500 plus the 2 video series: CONFIDENT MANIFESTATION (5 videos), and SOUL SINGING: The Voice of the Heart (7 videos) plus Three 90-munute Video Playshops: ANGELIC & ANCESTRAL COMMUNION, RAINBOW BODY ACTICATION and FROM PAIN TO POWER which you can check out through

You get 6 hours of one-on-one guidance live (in person or via phone/online) from me and my Soul Family, Metatron, Quan Yin and others who always show up helping me tune into the client’s Soul Family and guides.

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Adrienn Light’s Offer

The Quantum Heart Pendant

Anyone from my audience that signs up for one of Adrienn Light’s Light Body Activation Retreats gets a Free 1:1 One Hour Channeling Session with her. Please put ‘BLISS’ in the note section as you check-out.

The Light Body Activation is a very powerful 7-day process channeled by Adrienn where karmic bonds and stagnant energies are released from the being in order to activate our body of light. It is an event for which our soul has been waiting for lifetimes. This event represents a before and an after in our existence. People who come to the retreat have the opportunity of experiencing a great shift in their whole being, whereby they witness incredible changes in their life in many different aspects afterwards.

La Activación del Cuerpo de Luz es un proceso muy poderoso de 7 días canalizado por Adrienn donde las ataduras kármicas y las energías estancadas son liberadas del ser con el fin de poder activar nuestro cuerpo de luz. Es un evento que nuestra alma ha estado esperando durante varias vidas. Este evento representa un antes y un después en nuestra existencia. Las personas que vienen al retiro tienen la oportunidad de experimentar un gran cambio en todo su ser, que a su vez desencadena cambios increíbles en muchos aspectos de su vida después durante y después del retiro.

Karen’s Special Sales Offer

The Integrity Course

In Human Design we see that the energy for integrity lives in the Gate 26. This is the Gate that is associated with the Thymus gland, a gland that is important to immune function. When we are in integrity, our immunity is strengthened. Integrity is also connected to the Will Center. When we experience a “breach” in integrity it threatens our self-worth and our value.

Some symptoms of being out of integrity:

• Feeling tired and drained most of the time  Lowered immunity • Frequent headaches, back pain, muscle pain • Change in appetite, sleep habits • Self-doubt and sense of failure • Feeling helpless, trapped, defeated • Detachment and feeling alone in the world • Loss of motivation • Cynical and negative outlook • Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment • Procrastination, resistance • Avoidance • Shutting others out • Using food, drugs or alcohol (or other addictions) to cope • Taking out frustration with others • Failing to show up for work (or show up late) • Failure to follow through on taking the steps to fulfill your dreams

Adalina’s Special Sales Offer

Divine Guiding Light A 5-Part Channeled Course

Work directly with your Spirit Guides in this five-part channeled course, designed for healers, channels, and all those ready to work with their spiritual gifts. Our goal is to raise the vibration of the human collective. With the direction of the Mary Magdalene collective, Archangel Michael, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, and Lemurians, we will join together and move forward to create change in this world. In this 5-part course, you can expect to hear from each group individually about their perspective during these uncertain times, as well as clear and concrete guidance for moving into the future.

Deborah’s Special Sales Offer

40 Days to Rewrite Your Money Story

The Anatomy of Money ~ 40 Days to Rewrite Your Money Story is a step-by-step daily pratice to help you discover more courage, personal fulfillment and next level financial success you’ve been longing for (even if you feel uncomfortable saying it out loud).

When you rewrite your money story, you participate in your own self-rescue.  

You deliberately shift from victim to victorious, from anxious to abundant, from uncertainty to certainty, from exhausted to enthusiastic about the life and business you are creating thought by thought, inspired action by inspired action, moment by moment, day by day. 

Using ancient wisdom and powerful cutting-edge neuroscience, you’ll learn to tap into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind and unhook from your perceived limitations so you can REALize your dreams and goals faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.


Joy’s Special Sales Offer

Manifesting Your Highest Possible Reality Through The Power Of Choice

You can choose between:

Offer A (16+ Audios)

Offer B (16+ Audios and Freedom Clearing) 

Offer C (16+ Audios and Phone Session)

85% OFF Only For Our Audience

Jonita’s Special Sales Offer

Use Coupon Code SOURCEBLISS to get 20% OFF Jonita’s Online Immersion: Womb Rage

Your womb is the portal of divine feminine power, creation, death and rebirth.

As a woman, your womb is considered as the centre, the home and the powerhouse of your feminine energy.

All aspects of your femininity, creativity, sexuality, money, relationships, empathy, nurturing, pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth, and intimacy is resourced from your womb.

These times of crisis, chaos and dismantling of the old systems, you are called to activate a new way of being where you feel a deep grounded presence, in flow, in love, with self, with life.

We unconsciously store our emotions from the past traumatic experiences of our lives like fear, stress, abandonment, betrayal, failure, suppression, anger, loneliness and rejection in our womb. 

These dark emotions lead to a deep-seated Womb Rage.

What does Womb Rage look like in your daily life?

⇒A lack of self-esteem or self-worth – you think you do not know how to take care of yourself

⇒Attracting unhealthy, and sometimes abusive, relationships

⇒ Emotional overreactions – also leading to pessimism or depression

⇒ Excessive emotional attachment to people or objects – think ‘addicted to SHOPPING’

⇒ Acting needy and control-freak in relationships – you fear nobody loves you

⇒ Co-dependency – becoming manipulative to receive love and attention

⇒ Muscle tension, abdominal cramps, painful periods, urinary or bladder infections

⇒ Fear of happiness or pleasure, self-sabotage

⇒ Lack of creativity and authenticity

⇒ Low libido – ignoring simple pleasures of life

⇒ A workaholic or busybee attitude – addicted to all kinds of activities that you use as a substitute for love.

Communing with Your Dark Feminine allows you to fully accept yourself with your imperfections and fears and usefully redirect your life-force energy (aka Shakti) to create more of what you desire in your life unapologetically.

Your Womb Rage has just the right amount of creative energy to allow you to stop betraying yourself and take up space in your authentic self-expression. 

Barbara’s Special Sales Offer

Integrating the qualities of the buddha - light language energy transmissions

These recordings don’t only contain the Light Language Activations, but also a lot of information of where we are headed and who we are. “If One Stays Stuck In One Idea Thinking It Is “True”, He/She Loses The Opportunity Of Knowing The Truth.” Buddha 

As you might have been feeling, the energy is very strong – the Schumman resonance is vibrating very high – so a lot might be moving for you and you might be sensing unease. This is your opportunity to reconnect to Divine Love, integrate your Essence and activate your Power. We come together to Balance and Align with our Deepest Truth for Ourselves and for Humanity.

Each transmission contains the coding to embody and remember on a cellular level the qualities of the Buddha within us. Throughout the sessions, we will be going through a journey, clearing chakras and traumas in the body/energy field, and creating empowerment within.

The energy that you will open up to receive is Love-Intelligent and works with each person specifically to bring them back to Balance. If you are called to this process you will bring into your body and consciousness the Buddha Consciousness (Crystal Consciousness). 

For these sessions, there is nothing to prepare apart from having a glass of drinking water and receiving Yourself. If you are open to receiving, a lot can change in very little time!!! 


Join in these Sessions for your Evolution! 

Special Offer Price- $77