About Malika

Malika is a Direct Source Connection Teacher and an Intuitive Healer. Malika works through Source and her pure essence to heal and transform lives. Being a catalyst for soul growth and transformation, she does everything from resculpting traumatic moments and past lives to removing karmic contracts that block you from upleveling your frequency and moving into the next level of life. Through her strong intuitive gifts, she is able to feel into what you need at any given time and holds space for you to transform through Source directly.

She is also able to strengthen your connection to Source through Primordial Sound Meditation. Primordial Sound Meditation is a path to self-actualize through Source and experience Source within yourself while coming back into emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical coherence. The Primordial Sound, when activated through your life-force, brings all parts of your life into resonance and harmony. To book a free call, you can click here.

Malika's Services

Direct Source Connection

The Primordial Sound itself is very powerful and the frequency takes it even deeper. This is a gentle essence given to you to repeat internally. You don’t have to do anything because it will take over and you will melt into the frequency. The sound is intelligent, alive, and conscious so it will orchestrate all the situations, people, circumstances to awaken your Divine Self within you. This activates your Highest Potential and your Highest Possible Reality. It also brings in the emergence of your Highest Purpose or Calling. I calculate the frequency/vibration of your soul and give that to you as your Primordial Sound.

The price for doing it in a group is $137 and includes two 30 minute sessions. Group size is 3-4 people.

Intuitive Healing (Group)

I uncover the core root causes behind any physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues and blocks and clear them on the deepest soul levels. When I work with one individual, the whole group gets the healing. I also can incorporate manifestation through Source in these sessions if someone is looking to manifest something in particular. Intuitive Healing in a group contains 3 people and the price is $82 per person for one 45 minute session.

Direct Source Connection

I calculate the frequency/vibration of your soul and give that to you as your Primordial Sound. What it does is silence your mind and take you into the dimension of experience. You get direct access to the Quantum Field, through which you get direct downloads through Source. This is a path of Self-Actualization. You are not only ascending your frequency but integrating it into your human self. The shifts in consciousness are happening in your daily life. These primordial sounds are the original sounds of creation. It is a seed of gnosis or truth that is given to you to water daily. As you do it daily, the frequency gets stronger and everything in your unconscious that is not of pure light starts to be released. The price is $350 for a 1 hour session and a 30 min follow-up session.

Intuitive Healing (Private)

This can include but is not limited to: 1. Clearing of past life and ancestral imprints behind health concerns and other issues across a wide spectrum. These are removed on the core energetic levels in the deepest dimensions. 2. Clearing of karmic contracts that are ready to be cleared through Archangel Michael as well as binding spells, curses, karmic bonds etc. 3. Discovering core root causes of any situations or triggers in your life. 4. Planting new seeds in your unconsciousness and clearing the path to manifest what you want. 5. Releasing any emotions and emotional imprints across all dimensions including from your inner child. 6. Clearing timelines to shift old realities and create space for new ones. 7. Rewiring programs in your unconscious as well as ancestral programs in your DNA. The price is $185 for 45 minutes for a private healing session.

Testimonials for malika's work

"Direct Connection to Source; somehow, somewhere within me, I had always wanted this all along without ever verbalizing it. I felt instantly at home with Malika, not knowing anything about her. She feels like a sister to me that I’ve always had and known for eons. There is this genuine, smooth-flowing connection of loving sweetness that I feel with her. I immediately took to her purity, her innocence, and her welcoming and affectionate embrace. Today, I am immensely thankful and blessed to have found her in my life, and to have been gifted this meditation practice. It has become the most important aspect of my daily living".
Aiswarya Preya
"My first time connecting with Malika I could feel the love of Source radiating so brightly through her. My experience of receiving this energy was literally the feeling of the words I LOVE YOU jumping out of my chest to the beat of my heart! Imagine Jim Carey in the mask when he first sees Cameron Diaz performing on stage. 😂 This experience attracted me even more to Malika but it was a great reminder of our oneness with Source. It was a literal namaste moment!!! *** I love you so much Malika! I’m grateful that Source brought us together! I’m grateful for all of the work that you do…helping all of humanity from the deepest and greatest level. Thank you!"
"Being in Malika’s presence is being in the presence of a beautiful Angel. She holds amazing, heartfelt, compassionate, sacred space. I immediately felt deeply seen, connected, accepted, and supported with the gentlest loving Divine energy. Through a session and primordial sound meditation I have experienced profound positive shifts, Divine Alignment and Source connection. The channeled messages that have come through her from Source have been phenomenal. Her work is Source aligned and emanates pure unconditional love and support. I am deeply grateful to have found her."
"I’ve been peeking through the door crack to the world of spirituality for years now, but Malika has burst the floodgates open and enriched my life with a sea of new information and experiences. Malika’s abundant energy and enthusiasm for her craft is infectious. It is inspiring to see her be taken over by the excitement of her discoveries, whether it’s a message she receives from the several guides she’s tuned into, or a new insight she learns about her client. Every session with Malika is like traveling to an alternative universe. I take copious notes and wish to carry with me at least a tiny flicker of the magic that is inevitably unfolding in our shared space. Malika is a unique being, I call her my spiritual coach. I feel fortunate that the universe brought us together and I look forward to continuing our divine adventure."
Agnes Tusjak
"I was very fortunate and blessed to have been introduced to Malika's work and I have benefited hugely both emotionally and spiritually from her wisdom. Malika's essence is of the purest and brightest light. She is a catalyst for change and I highly recommend working with her."
"Malika is my beautiful sister soul. Connecting with her fills my heart with so much joy. I don’t really have words for it. Her initiation through Source for me was so powerful. I could feel it in my crown chakra and spine afterwards. Primordial Sound Meditation is a powerful path."
"I'm so glad I followed my intuition to learn my mantra through you. It's been 2 weeks now and although I have not followed the timetable 100% I am still feeling results. The most notable is alleviation of pain I experience in my right side, it's constant and I've become use to it, after trying so many remedies it hasn't subsides. I have felt the pain shift during meditations and after I'm like wow, that area isn't excruciating anymore. Such a wonderful feeling of relief, and it encourages me to delve further. I have also had several releases where I revealed myself more to others and then burst into tears.. So not my usual self, but I was accepting of it. Not shamed or guilty for not being strong, and following story protocols."
"Malika is a beautiful pure soul. Connecting with her was joyful and light. It felt like connecting with soul family. I have been doing the Primordial Sound Meditation for a few weeks now and I have a stronger clearer connection to my I AM Presence, which has brought me such joy, stability and calmness. My connection with earth and the nature kingdoms has become deeper, richer and more vibrant. My personal relationships have become easier and more graceful. I am receiving more love, respect and abundance in my daily experiences. Physically, my body feels lighter, happier and healthier. My telepathy and intuition has become stronger and clearer. I am more honouring and loving to myself. I know this is just the beginning and there is so much more to unfold for me - I feel a new excitement for Life. With much love and gratitude Malika for being the bridge for this experience."
United Kingdom
"It was my first meditation sitting down so I'm still not completely used to it, but it was PHENOMENAL!!!!! I was supported by a chair for the last 10 minutes, but I saw so many things and felt such Joy and bliss it's hard to put in words... I'm so grateful for you and for your team, and for mine! It's amazing to wake up into a world where everything is possible... I never thought I'd have that. I love my mantra and my meditations, it's stays transformative every day 🙂 I'm grateful for you and for the blessings you bring 🌺"
Dounyah Elisheva
"My awareness with regards to my ego is also getting better day by day. I am identifying more and more beliefs and I am working on them together with my higher self. You showed me how to contact it. I often see a picture or feel into a situation where the belief had been born so to speak. Last time, we were looking at the control issues and cleared it. And as a result my digestion is improving!! Constipation is remarkable better than it had been for a long time now🤩 Thank you for showing me the way. Blessings"
"Malika, your story was the most beautiful transmission. I have found Primordial Sound meditation to be an effective and transformational meditation in my daily practice. The shifts I feels daily are amazing. Thank you! Malika provided a safe and loving chalice for me to explore my wounds from my childhood and then gave loving guidance with the healing process. Through her insights we were able to go very deep, to the root, to release that which was ready to be let go of. Her guidance and insights will continue to assist me on my journey of life. In gratitude, I wish you many blessings on your journey."
"I'm so blessed that I met you. In the past 3 1/2 months, you have helped me through through my intense grief and so many other things. I feel a lot different today. Thank you with a HUGE heart of appreciation and love!!"
Florida, USA
"Thank you once again for the amazing Primordial Sound Meditation session this past Saturday. It was so powerful! This has been a tremendous blessing! You are a tremendous blessing! Thank you so much for the work that you do and the gifts that you share! You have touched me so deeply and are helping me to take the next step in my soul’s journey. So profound! Blessings to you!" With love and gratitude,
"THANK YOU so much for our session yesterday!!! I did the 30 min in the evening and again this morning, it's an indescribable experience and I'm in an absolute awe!! You are so beautiful and I just love you! What you give is priceless, so precious and sacred, I have no words to thank you for it! I’ve been enjoying the gentleness of the frequencies!"
"Thank you so much for being an angelic channel for Divine blessings and guidance in connecting to Source through Primordial Sound Resonance. Since childhood, I've received countless Spiritual Desserts in my journey through life and my spiritual quest to have a more personal, direct connection to Source; however, Primordial Sound Resonance was the icing on the cake!!! A million thanks to you, to God, and the Ascended Ones for this invaluable gift."
Ischa Lea
California, USA
“One day I received an email regarding the Pure Presence Conference, and I wondered if I should join and try to connect with my higher self, one more time, after years of trying to but failing miserably. I am 70 years old and thought maybe it was too late, even wondered “why bother?”. As soon as I saw Malika’s picture I knew, I just knew, this girl was the one who could help me. I booked a session with her and at the end of that session I was filled with hope and gratitude. I was brought to tears I was so thankful for her guidance. I chose to have more sessions with Malika and I’m convinced she is a gift from God, for me, for everyone. “
Heather Johnson