Activating the Transformational Magic of Your Elemental Nature
by Margo Fraser

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- Flowing Greater Self-love, Joy & Vitality through your Body -

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Activating the Transformational Magic of Your Elemental Nature

At the foundation of your physical and energetic Being are the 4 Elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire, born out of Aether as the fundamental building blocks of your True SOVEREIGN nature.  Divinely appointed and expressing each of your elements, as part of ‘Team You’…is your personal Elemental Gnome, Undine, Sylph and Salamander. Each one supports the optimal functioning of the elements within your body in a way that allows healthy and collaborative partnership with Universal energies.  

Awakening your relationship with your Elementals is important because they support you in flowing greater levels of self-love, joy and vitality.  However, shadow aspects can interfere with this healthy functioning, creating discord, depletion and disharmony.

These unresolved lower level aspects can be playing out, often unconsciously, as:

• Dislike, or even hate, of your body

• Being ungrounded

• Feeling depleted and fatigued

 Feeling like a battle is going on in your body

 Lack of self-love

 Difficulty trusting yourself

 Unable to hold healthy boundaries – too watery or too rigid

 Fundamental feeling of lack of inner harmony

 Feeling scattered

 Disconnection from your body and its wisdom


Connecting with your personal Elementals brings a new depth of inner support and when functioning as a collaborative team, provide a fertile foundation to accelerate your spiritual growth and transformational power!   

As you meet, engage with and nurture your relationship with your Elemental Team, you can’t help but come into a new form of love partnership with your body and Being.  Meeting your Elementals is a Magical + Healing experience!

In addition, you can start to bring your Elementals into practical tasks to help you complete them. When you do this and invite in the elemental vibration, understanding that each task requires a different form of the elemental quality…there’s greater fluidity and efficiency in moving between the tasks. Life starts to Flow… 

For example,  if you’re kicking off a project – this would be a task that needs more Fire elemental energy vs. desiring to go into a reflective or contemplative state of being which would need more of the stillness of a lake vibration.

Calling on your Elemental Team and exercising this healthy form of shapeshifting not only reduces the effort it takes to move through your day, but it’s integral to embodiment and expression of your MULTIdimensional Beingness.  

Your Elementals also support you in Opening, Flowing and Grounding  greater levels of light!

Creating Sacred Relationship with your Elementals provides a foundation for deeper levels of self love, joy, vitality, and expression of your Multidimensional Beingness. 


Option 1: 

Exploring Your Elemental Nature Masterclass 4 Part Series 

(Mp4 Video Series)

(Value $444)

In this 4 part Masterclass Series (4 videos  of ~90 min each) we’ll investigate, connect and play with each of your Elementals :

Gnome (Earth), Undine (Water), Sylph (Air), Salamander (Fire), 

Doing this will bring greater contemplation of the limiting patterns and beliefs associated with each Elemental so that we can clear as much density as possible in the workshop. In each class I discuss:


It’s qualities both physical and mystical, generally and specifically related to your body


What causes depletion and its energetic impact on the body


Healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics between your Elementals


The Specific Celestial Nature Essences (Plants, Crystals, Oils) That Can Support You In Revealing, Releasing And Healing The Lower Self Patterns And Conditioning For The Specific Elemental


How Your Human Design Influences Your Integrity And What You Need To Do To Create Greater Alignment With Your Human Design


Divine Beings Associated With The Element


Guide You Through An Exercise To Support You In Seeing How The Not-Self Aspects Might Be Showing Up For You


Channel A Preliminary Infusion Of The Celestial Nature Essences To Start Loosening The Density In Preparation For The Workshop

Your Elemental Nature: Masterclass Series
( 4 MP4 videos)

• 4 part Masterclass Series (4 videos  of ~90 min each) 

 In addition, you’ll receive: 

• PDF Play Sheets summarizing the class information to support your contemplation of how the lower self aspects may be showing up for you and to encourage bringing out the Highest Vibration and Mystical qualities of each inner Elemental

Each class is designed to support the healing and empowerment process and open you up to the magic of your personal Elementals


Note: Contact for Payment Plan Options.

Option 2:

Your Elemental Nature: Masterclass Series Plus Orientation Call, Intuitive Reading of your Elemental Nature, Energetic Shapeshifting, Releasing and Renewing Workshop, and Post Workshop Integration (Value $1344)

ITEM #1 

Your Elemental Nature – Orientation Call

(Value $99)

On this call, I’ll share valuable background information and prepare you for the Masterclasses and  workshop.

~Feel the Power of our Sacred Invocation…calling forth the aid of the elemental essences and beings

~Ignite the energy of your intention in the Intention Setting process to bring you into awareness of and Activate the High vibrational qualities of your Sacred Elementals

~Prepare your energetic structures  for releasing the energies limiting the empowerment of your Elementals

~Attune your Being to fundamental essences and energies that will be utilized during the workshop


ITEM #2 

Your Elemental Nature Intuitive Reading

(Value $65)

I’ve trained with Academy for the Soul, and using my intuitive abilities connected with your Higher Self, I dive beyond the veil and peer into your field  to reveal what’s hidden from your eyes. 

Through my vast training with Multi-sensory intuitive Christel Hughes, I’ve come to personally know the power of shadow aspects when they take you over – you can’t see them because they usually hide out in your blind spot.  

You’ll receive an intuitive reading on the aspect most limiting or suppressing the empowerment of your Elemental Team so that you’ll have it to specifically  release during the workshop.. Just this one reading can immediately bring light and transform your perspective of yourself and your life!


ITEM #3 

Energetic Shapeshifting with the Elements 

Experiential Video Series (4 parts)

(Value $222)

In this 4 part Experiential Video Series, one for each element, you’ll be guided to connect in with different forms of the elements and engage in energetic shapeshifting with it to foster and amplify your connection with your Elemental Nature!  

This is the perfect complement to the “Exploring Your Elemental Nature” Masterclasses.   Not only will this practice bring you into a deeper sacred relationship with your own Being, but you’ll connect more easily with the Elements and Elementals in nature and be better able to receive their guidance from within and without.  

For each of the 4 Elements, you’ll receive a shapeshifting demo video, where I demonstrate shapeshifting with the nature of the Elemental and a second video where I use beautiful video representations of the Elemental and guided meditation to facilitate deeper connection with it.

As you learn this energetic shapeshifting, it can support you in calling forth and  embodying specific frequencies of your elemental, multidimensional self. Perhaps you want to call forth your inner candlelight quality of fire for a romantic evening or the quality of a bubbling brook of water for playfulness.   Energetic shapeshifting is also a wonderful way to engage the playful side of your Inner Child!

This can be a profound practice for awakening and embodying your magical nature!  


ITEM #4 

Empowering Your Inner Elementals – Releasing & Renewing Workshop

2 hour Live Group Workshop
(Value $444)

In this 2 hour workshop, I’ll

Set up a high vibration, energetic container that supports the releasing of lower level energies that have been depleting, destabilizing and overwhelming your Elementals and their inter-relationship and enhancing the infusion of transformative frequencies

 Call in the power of the specific Celestial Nature Energies, Essences and Allies, that have revealed themselves to me to support the releasing, purification and infusion process

 Guide you through a sacred journey to call forth your Elementals and release the shadow energies

 Channel the energies of these high vibe Celestial Nature Essences into your Elementals to nourish and nurture them, and then merge them into your Being through a Sacred Ceremony. 

 Harmonize and balance your Elementals’ energies within your Being 

Releasing and receiving the powerful  energies through this workshop, you’ll experience:

 Greater insight into old unhealthy patterns and aspects so that your mind can let go and support the highest vibrational qualities of your Elementals in being expressed

 Reduced tension in your body from releasing discord between your Elementals

 Greater confidence, self love and joy as you come into Sacred Relationship with your Elementals

 Increased ability to partner with your Elementals to support your well-being, transformation and ascension

 Increased awareness of the importance of nurturing and nourishing your inner elements

 The ability to bring greater ease, joy and LIGHT-heartedness and play that makes it easier to transcend the mundane tasks in life.

 Greater ability to be comfortable in your own skin


ITEM #5 

The Magic of Your Elemental Nature Post Workshop Integration Meditation Downloadable mp3 

(Value $63) 

In this guided journey, we’ll venture into nature’s playground and connect in with  vibrant energy beings and essences to give you a boost in releasing, healing and integrating what was cleansed in the workshop. Relax into this serene and uplifting meditation while the energies do what they know to do to support your Full integration and assimilation.

Option 2:

• Orientation Call

• Masterclass Series( 4 mp4 videos)

 Energetic Shapeshifting video series (8 videos)

 Pre-Workshop Intuitive Reading

 Releasing and Revitalization Workshop

 Post-Workshop Meditation



Note: Contact for Payment Plan Options.


" Margo is a unique being who is so in tune with nature, it will really blow your mind in such an Awesome way! Her depth of love for and ability to tap into the animals and nature spirits combined with her ability to channel the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power provides a one-of-a-kind experience of support and revitalization for dealing with depletion. You'll feel so loving held in her Magical connections as she taps into the symbology that Nature can gift you...and translates that for clear guidance and well-being. As a result of working with Margo, you'll be feeling so Divinely connected and Alive! "
Christel Hughes
Creator of Academy for the Soul, the Online School for Intuitive Arts
" Margo is a potent and powerful nature intuitive. Her Listening and discernment of of the energy present as well as the energy configuration needed to create a true shift is amazing. She's a natural! "
Ana Maria Vasquez
Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive
" I would highly recommend doing a session with Margo! She has the most powerful yet grounded energy I have ever felt! She makes you smile just talking to her. She is so in tune with all of Nature and Mother Earth. She supported me with ease and grace during the whole session, and I was able to follow along easily and really feel into everything that was happening. She got right to the heart of my issues and released what was holding me back. Then she had my Higher Self, the Divine, the Elements and my chosen animal infuse my entire being with all the highest level energies possible. I was so enlightened and re-energized on every level of my being. It was absolutely the best session I have ever had! I can't thank her enough for sharing her gifts with me and changing my life for the better! So don't hesitate if you want to work with Margo. It will be the best choice you have made yet! Much love "
Jeanna Koch
" Sending an update! Since you helped me place that beautiful dragon boundary around my aura...I feel so amazing! I feel more open and free than I have felt in maybe forever! Words can't describe the beauty I feel inside of me...such openness and the fear has gone away. I look forward to each day! I love my husband even more! I go outside and I feel my aura swell up into the trees and feel a connection. I laugh more! I look forward to things, I am finding my sense of humor again! I feel stronger, I feel carefree! I feel loved! And I love! Oh my gosh! I can't get enough of this feeling! How can it get any better than this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Vickie H.
This workshop was powerful! I felt numerous energetic shifts during the call. Wonderful!! Appreciate you and your gift, Margo G Fraser. Thank you!
I wanted to thank you for this incredible healing journey. I am having such a beautiful experience. Today's workshop was absolutely Amazing! I felt so much shifting, experienced some heavy deep emotions, and lovingly let them go, as I felt them leave my body. I feel balanced, rejuvenated, I cleaned my whole house and went for a barefoot walk after the workshop . I truly thank you for going into a place of healing and sharing your beautiful light and blessed gifts with the world.
" I'd love to share my appreciation & gratitude for Margo's work.She did an intuitive reading and mentioned about an issue that I recognized many years ago (actually my vocal coach helped me to recognize it), but it never came to me that there is actually a solution for this!!! It was like a shift by even knowing the real cause. And I can't be happier enough to see this shift in my reality.She provides detailed insights and her knowledge about aura and energetic bodies is very precise.If there is something going on that is affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, she connects to your higher self and works from that connection. Plus she cares so much about the healing process. Love you, "