Christine Day

March 10th 2023

Experiencing Source through the Sacred Heart

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Dr. Karen Kan

March 10th 2023

Embodiment of Heaven on Earth

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Galactic Immersion Series

Includes 9 video class – each class is 90 minutes

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Stillness-on-the-Fly™ utilizes a simple 3-minute technique that takes you from feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, to feeling calm, centered, and connected!

A growing body of science demonstrates the benefits of meditation, including things like alleviating stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving memory. Unfortunately, the average busy, productive professional or homemaker has limited time to devote to meditation.

What if you could harness the benefits of meditation without spending copious amounts of time practicing it? 

What if you could still be “doing” while you are “being”? 

The Stillness-on-the-Fly can immediately bring you to a space of peace and calm, no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

Enlightenment is not just one state.

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