Matthew John

March 11th 2023

Connecting to your Galactic Origins

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Phyllis Anne Douglass

March 11th 2023

Channeling Source through the Voice of Angels

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Phyllis's Offer

30% off a 60-minute "Private Guidance + Alchemical Transmission + Alchemy Symbol” Session with Phyllis Anne

Connected with Elohim, we witness your past, present, and future for influences causing imbalance and misalignment in the present moment, and create Access Points through Vocal Alchemical Transmission for release, healing, transmutation, and transformation. May include communication with Guides, Loved Ones, Ancestors, and Past Life expressions. You receive a personalized and energetically imbued Alchemy Symbol PDF with Video and Audio recordings.

Discount Code for Participants: ALCHEMY30

Matthew's Offer

Ascending As One Group Mentorship with Matthew (April and May 2023) + 7 Recorded Webinars

Matthew's Free Gift


Matthew John guides you on a 12-minute journey to meet one of your Spirit Guides and to activate new psychic gifts!

Length of Program: 12:40 (Audio). Value of Program: $11.00.

Phyllis's Free Gift

Free Audiobook Reading by the Elohim of my book, “ONE - A Journey to a New Way of Being”

Which is an angelical map for humankind’s self-realization, awakening and ascension.

In and of itself, listening is a powerful experience, and a journey via encoded and frequency-based sound and Angelical Light Language—the Language of God’s Light.  It serves as a creative force and catalyst for multidimensional transformation on all levels of the human experience.

Enlightenment is not just one state.

Upgrade to Lifetime Access to experience all the states of source bliss and get lifelong access to all the episodes of this series