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Carsten’s Offers

Purchase a Life Path/Energy Balancing Session and get the Confident Manifestation Series free ($129 Value)

Use Discount Code BLISS and get the Confident Manifestation 5-part Video Series (usually $129) as a Gift!

During your Life Path Session, we will focus on your birth path, particularly where you are on your “Saturn Journey” and how that relates to your money, career, relationships, health and living situation. I’ll connect with my guides (Metatron & Quan Yin) and call in the healing power of the crystals using sound vibration to clear blocks, harmonize the chakras, and illuminate the way forward. 

Purchase the Past Life Regression Series and get 3 Workshops and 2 Video Series ($600 Value) as a gift

Use Discount Code BLISS and get total savings of $527!

You will gain insights about your present relationships as you recognize those with whom you’ve shared previous lifetimes. Through this process you will experience the multi-dimensional, eternal aspect of your Being and feel the power and presence of you Higher Guidance and Soul Family. With this special offer you get 6 hours of private past-life facilitation, (normally $600) for just $500 plus the 2 video series: CONFIDENT MANIFESTATION (5 videos), and SOUL SINGING: The Voice of the Heart (7 videos) plus Three 90-munute Video Playshops: ANGELIC & ANCESTRAL COMMUNION, RAINBOW BODY ACTICATION and FROM PAIN TO POWER which you can check out through

You get 6 hours of one-on-one guidance live (in person or via phone/online) from me and my Soul Family, Metatron, Quan Yin and others who always show up helping me tune into the client’s Soul Family and guides.

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Dorothy’s Special Offer

6-Month Webinar Subscription (7 Sets Of Webinars Plus 10 Bonus Distance Healing Sessions)

Dorothy’s Free Gift

The Source Of Creation Healing The Immune System

Adalina’s Special Offer

Divine Guiding Light Course- An Introduction to Channeled Healing

Gaitana and Yantal’s Offer

3 Live Group Sessions to Receive 3 Light Code Activations and 3 Master Keys

Vandana Atara Aura’s Special Offer

4 Week Hara Chakra Alignment Program

Inner Child Reparenting Mentoring Program (Launching On Saturday July 30th)

Get access to all of our Summits and weekly love notes from source!