Dorothy’s Special Offer

Dorothy Rowe’s Energy Healing from Source

6-Month Webinar Subscription (7 sets of webinars plus 10 bonus Distance Healing Sessions) $450 Value for $139

A universe of expansive experiences is ready for exploration through the awakening of your personal energy healing capabilities. My offerings empower you with effective healing tools for engaging the infinite potential of the Source of creation for optimal healing, financial abundance, meaningful relationships, and the wisdom that elevates human experience to Divine experience.

Part A: Seven Sets of Energy Healing Webinars

I hold live healing webinars on health, relationships, and manifestation every 3 to 4 weeks. These webinars include experience and understanding through personal healings, energetic transmissions, and explanations of the mechanics behind the process. I always include time for participants’ questions and answers.

These 75-minute live online seminars use the Zoom videoconferencing platform. You will learn about the mechanics of improving health, relationships, and your manifesting ability in easy and natural steps.

If you cannot participate in every live webinar, no worries! Everyone automatically receives links to recordings within a day of the second webinar of each set. The healings conducted during these webinars are embedded in the recordings, so they are effective whenever you watch the webinars in the future.

Part B: Ten Distance Healing Sessions

As part of your Jump Into Source Bliss package, you will also be included in 10 remote group healing sessions. I conduct healing sessions most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You will receive a list of the ten dates of the sessions when you enroll. You will also have an opportunity to specify concerns you wish addressed during these healing sessions.

The healing sessions will begin at 11:00 am and will be completed after noon U.S. Central Time (USA) on each of your scheduled healing days. I conduct these sessions in silence, without using the internet or phone. 2 to 5 days after each session, I send an email report with an audio recording of the points from the session that are relevant to everyone.

Healing the surrounding field, including your ancestry, is fundamental to personal healing. Being busy during the healing session will not detract from its effectiveness. However, if you have a chance to rest during the sessions the state of inner quietness may be charming and increase the chances of perceiving the subtleties of the process.

During the sessions, you will be receiving healing directly from the Source of all, Being, and the most powerful, capable level of your own body’s highest intelligence. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to support you on your journey to better health, the fulfillment of your desires, and the fullest expression of your potential.

gaitana & Yantal’s Special Offer

Gaitana & Yantal's Live Online Course:
''Be ReSOURCEful - Embrace Your Higher Aspects And Unleash Your Magnificence"

We invite you to join our 3 live group sessions to embrace your inner resources, to trust your soul gifts and to take inspired action!

We will activate 3 Light Codes that will facilitate your connection with your True Self, help you release limiting beliefs and inspire you to create a ‘‘Blissful Reality’’. Also, we will share 3 Master Keys that will help you focus on what is most relevant to your Ascension Journey. Gift yourself the opportunity to integrate Source Light and to feel worthy of experiencing joy, peace, and unlimited abundance!

KEY 1:
I am willing to let go

During this first session we will hold space for you to let go of limiting beliefs and old contracts that are holding you back so that you can connect to Source and receive blissful frequencies. Ready to end a life cycle and to create something new? Enjoy an integral detox, become lighter and get ready to step into your highest timeline reality! 

KEY 2:
I am ready to shift

During this session we will focus on your divine potential so that you can set your Highest Intention for 2022 and receive an Energy Attunement that will amplify the Threefold Flame in your heart. Create with pure intent and get ready to renew yourself! 

KEY 3:
I am eager to embrace Source Bliss

During this last session we will complete the activation of the 3 initial Light Codes so that you can create your reality intentionally and so that you can attract blissful experiences. Also, we will have time for a Q&A so that you can ask questions and share your insights. When you embrace inner bliss, everything prospers! 

3 Live Group Sessions:

July 16th, 2022

July 23rd, 2022

July 30th, 2022

Time: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EST

Note: Sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

Vandana’s Special Offer

Hara Chakra Alignment Program

The Hara Line is your rock, anchor, center & the most important electrical power line in your body that houses your will, intentionality & natural ability to manifest your highest soul purpose & this column of light holds the vibration of your intentions, soul mission, life lessons, and your real reason for being here as a spiritual being in physical form.

In this 4 Week Hara Dimension Chakra Activation Program, We Will Soul Travel To The Hara Dimension Of Creation, Intention & Manifestation To Get Unstuck, Move Stuck Energy & Activate Your Luminous Light Body!

$111 (This 4 Week Program Is Priced At $199)

Discount Code is Vandana88

Note: This link already has the discount put in so you won’t need to add the discount code separately.

Susann’s Special Offer

Own Your Sacred Value Immersive Masterclass Mp3 Recordings

Claim your divine worth, open to your heart’s purpose, and unlock the patterns holding you back from offering your unique contribution to the world.

Session #1: 

Allowing the abundance of your sacred value to guide your life

Session #2:

Anchor the universal elements of true safety and foundation of stability within you

Session #3:

Know your sacred purpose as a creator being here

Reclaim what truly matters to your heart and soul

Session #4:

Fuel your creative power for all you wish to manifest in the world you want to be in

We will experience deepening your divine worth to open and impact the following vital fields

• Your valuable contribution

• Abundance on all levels

• Love and Relationships

• Optimal health

• Capacity to increase your spiritual connection

• Your part as a sensitive soul in a larger collective

• Rediscover the importance of your soul gifts and how to bring them forward

• Dissolve the self sabotaging voices that keep you from hearing your heart and soul’s communication

• Learn how to connect to others without giving your power away

• Get your needs met without having to isolate or hide

• Gain the confidence that your essence and vision matter

• Feel deeply held and supported by a universe that wants you to thrive

• Discover the clarity you seek for your path now and the assurance to walk it

• Step into your new life with a reverence for the sacred nature of your uniqueness

• Tap into source magic to fuel all you wish to contribute

Summit Special Price: $77 (Normally $111)

Note: Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Jump Into Source Bliss Special Offer: Own Your Sacred Value Offer 

“I just want to tell you how greatly I appreciate your guidance through the Immersion. It has given me a new sense of self and an awesome reminder that I am not drifting aimlessly in this human experience. PS: A special thanks for answering ALL my questions.”
“Thank you again for all the wonderful resources that you are teaching us. They are so valuable to me. It feels like opening a stream of energy, of power that was there all along but remained closed up for all the many reasons we know. And now slowly, it’s being given the permission to come in again, to be grounded in and anchored in again, to be received and merged with again.”

Dr. Jean’s Special  Offer

four digital Glyph Books

All four books: Unlocking the Power of Glyphs (3rd Edition), Sacred Symbols of Light (Second Edition), Symbol of the Dawn, and Sacred Symbols of the New Age in Digital Format and fully bookmarked. Comes in a Compressed (Zipped) Folder, once download is finished simply right click the folder and select the “Extract All” option.