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These recordings don’t only contain the Light Language Activations, but also a lot of information of where we are headed and who we are. “If One Stays Stuck In One Idea Thinking It Is “True”, He/She Loses The Opportunity Of Knowing The Truth.” Buddha 

As you might have been feeling, the energy is very strong – the Schumman resonance is vibrating very high – so a lot might be moving for you and you might be sensing unease. This is your opportunity to reconnect to Divine Love, integrate your Essence and activate your Power. We come together to Balance and Align with our Deepest Truth for Ourselves and for Humanity.

Each transmission contains the coding to embody and remember on a cellular level the qualities of the Buddha within us. Throughout the sessions, we will be going through a journey, clearing chakras and traumas in the body/energy field, and creating empowerment within.

The energy that you will open up to receive is Love-Intelligent and works with each person specifically to bring them back to Balance. If you are called to this process you will bring into your body and consciousness the Buddha Consciousness (Crystal Consciousness). 

For these sessions, there is nothing to prepare apart from having a glass of drinking water and receiving Yourself. If you are open to receiving, a lot can change in very little time!!! 


Join in these Sessions for your Evolution! 

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The Source Of Creation Healing The Immune System

About Dorothy

Dorothy Rowe was clairvoyant as a child, but a rough teenage period caused her abilities to wane. After learning meditation in her mid-teens, the inner vision returned. She moved to Fairfield, Iowa in 1980 and committed her life to creating world peace through group meditations and service with devotion. Early in 2008, Dorothy underwent a transformation of awareness which led her to use her refined perception and deep understanding of the laws of creation to heal herself and others. Quietly, she used this ability to heal herself, her family, and close friends. In 2012, Dorothy was invited to do some healing work for compensation. By word of mouth only, her practice has grown. She now has clients on four continents.

Dorothy does not heal people but is the witness to the healing process carried out by each person’s connection to the Divine Source within them. Dorothy reports extraordinary details of this healing transformation, or energy work, to her clients.

Dorothy currently offers private consultations by phone and Skype, monthly webinars, workshops, and remote healing sessions through her website  The website offers many free resources on energy healing. Dorothy also has a popular YouTube channel, Distance Energy Work, where she uploads free healings and lessons on self-healing every week.

Enlightenment is not just one state.

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