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The Source Frequency

Source consists of various light codes all stemming from the one original light code from which everything was created. Your Sound activates the light codes from your own Source and your Source Frequency brings those codes down to the Human Self.

What exactly is the Source Frequency and how does it work? It is Source Consciousness coming into Matter- a marriage between your Source Self and your Human Self. When it is vibrating within you daily, everything in your life starts to resonate with this Source Frequency alchemizing anything that is not in Alignment with it which eventually leads to every part of your life aligning to that Source within you including your relationships, career, health, finances etc. You ultimately get to know Source on a deeper level in your physical human experience through the Source Frequency.

The Sound activates the Source Codes in your Consciousness to help your Evolution and Self-Actualization but it is the Source Frequency that connects those codes to every part of your Being, bringing that Source Vibration to all the unconscious spots and imbalances that exist in your Energetic Field.

Direct Source Connection Retreat (Virtual)

Deepen Your Source Connection Experience

What’s Included:
1. Group Activations of Consciousness on the Source Sound/Frequency
2. Personal Source Frequency Activations
3. Embodiment of the Source Frequency
4. Application of Source Consciousness to Daily Life
5. Activations and In-Depth Explorations of Source
6. Source Light Code Integrations 


Note: The prerequisite for any of the Direct Source Connection Retreats is doing the Direct Source Connection Session(s) either privately or in a group before the start of the Retreat.

Why do we need something like the Source Codes and Source Frequency to do that for us?


Because we can’t see our unconscious dark spots so easily. We are not aware of everything that exists within our Fields. It is much easier for your own Source within you to guide your transformation. The Light of Source can alchemize the most painful wounds, allow you to see clearly, activate truth in every situation etc.


The Original Human Blueprint that exists today became disconnected from the Source Codes and Frequency to become what it is today and to create the experiences that are occurring at this point in time. To go back to the Original Source Blueprint, we need to reconnect to the Original Source Codes and Frequency to come back in alignment with our Source Self and express our Human Self through that. And that would change our lives, world, universe, entire galactic system etc.

You will be able to


Experience the Source Sound and Source Frequency on a greater level, understand what they are and how they work.


Deepen your Communication with Source and realize the next level of Source within you.


Receive Light Codes directly through your own Source and embody the shifts that are happening through them.


Apply the Source Codes and Source Frequency to all aspects of your life.

Structure of the Retreat

To accommodate different time zones, Malika will hold two sessions per day. You can choose to attend one session per day or both if you like. The entire retreat will be recorded in case you can’t make it live. The times for both sessions each day of the Retreat will be 7:00 am – 8:00 am india time and 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm india time daily. You will also receive a Personal Frequency Activation included with this Retreat that you will be able to schedule at a separate time during the days of the Retreat.

My work with Malika has been nothing short of miraculous. I first met her two months ago and she gave me the primordial sound and the frequency. During the rest of the day, I remained amazed by how different this energy felt from anything else I've experienced, how divine it felt, and how even the love aspect coming through it was distinct and more potent than I was used to. Since then I've had a couple of healing sessions with Malika, in which she clears karma, and regular frequency activation sessions, in which she upgrades the potency of the primordial sound and we decide on new intentions for the sound and frequency to work towards inside me automatically day and night. Primordial sound feels to me like the flame of divinity inside me that's kept burning by just meditating twice for half an hour daily. (I wish I were allowed to do more) And this meditation is the easiest and most enjoyable spiritual practice I've ever done. Because it's 'effortless meditation'. You don't even try to do it in a proper way. My dreams got much more vivid and intense on the first night and this has been going on since then without exception. I can see that my dreams are clearing karma, so even the nights are not wasted, and are utilised for my growth Malika can see that this is indeed the case by connecting to me and looking at my mental body, and can even change the intensity of this process. Our healings sessions have been astounding, thanks to Malika's abilities to see clearly one's karma and the related chain of events in past lives, to clear them in an instant, to talk to the Source of Creation, Archangel Michael (one of her guides), one's Higher Self, and to channel the answer from these divine beings for any question one has. By the primordial sound, the frequency working inside me, and the healings I got from Malika, I cleared a lot of karma in these two months. How do I know this? I've been feeling emptier and clearer everyday in a good way. And I've really been enjoying this process. Like the human personality’s existence is slowly vanishing and getting out of the way of what's to come. (It's probably my subconscious mind getting emptier.) And my 'normal' meditations (not only primordial sound ones) have been getting clearer, easier and deeper. I can literally see the difference from one day to the next. Three days ago, when we were doing a frequency activation session, she received a message from my guides and hers, that told her to also add the intention "to move to the next level of my transformation" to my frequency. The next morning I noticed that I was aware of the Self all the time. (This is actually not the first shift I've had that I'd describe with this same sentence, but it's the most profound one yet.) It's been getting better since then. Today I realised that my peace hasn't been broken since then, even for a moment, by my thoughts or external events, despite being tested by the latter. My thoughts are mostly originating from Love, at least the important ones. My will seems to be aligned with the Universe and it all feels like one dynamic flow. Basically, I feel like Buddha I'm so happy and excited about this. I feel blessed that my path has crossed with Malika and am very grateful to her for giving her heart's work to us and bringing the ultimate spiritual technology to our use.
Polat Tuzla, UK
Malika’s frequency healing has been an incredible experience. My son Daniel had a very serious near death experience that had a very challenging future outlook for him. Malika has been doing frequency healing sessions almost daily with Daniels higher self to connect what he needs most in his healing journey. It has been a truly a miracle beyond anything I could’ve imagined possible. I have personally witnessed his anxiety being released watching his body start to move again over the past month, he is now able to smile getting back to being himself sitting up using his arms and legs. Malika has helped my son and his body come back into a better stronger self by working on everything from releasing anxiety to some shadow work and releasing unwanted energies and helping toxins from all the doctors medication‘s release out of his system as well as Daniel’s internal organs, Malika checks one by one the kidneys, liver, chest etc. Malika’s ability to detect what needs to be done is above and beyond. One of many examples was when he was in physical pain and not able To express it, Malika picked up on that then I conveyed message to nurse and got him onto Ibuprofen and that helped him by the next day. This has all transpired in only past few months. Words cant express the deep gratitude, amazement, joy and love that Malika’s frequency sessions have brought as well as gave me hope when I was told otherwise by the doctors. Malika is so patient, caring and exceptionally gifted at what she does. I feel so blessed to have found her and have learned so much about our “higher self” Thank you Malika. I’m forever grateful.
Linda R., USA
Thank you for all you are doing for me and for those others that have found you from whatever brought them to you. What I see and feel from my heart - You are a new Guru of this new dawning Age of Enlightenment. What you are doing for me is transforming who and what I am. Thank you. I feel a deep connection to you as I told you from our first session. What I am “feeling” is the Primordial Sound is resonating in the “me” that is a nervous system BUT the Sound is also resonating Outside me. And what is happening, with me, is like the curtain between the two, that early in my life was like a blackout curtain at a movie theater, is becoming translucent. Now consisting of layers of gossamer fiber. During the recent Activation session there were what I could relate to as gossamer floating away from me that had been within my nervous system. I feel there is that growing Oneness (Unity), still beyond my “reach” BUT closer; that Unity BECOMING revealing Itself, within this nervous system, which is just an expression of that Unity, recognizing and becoming that Unity. You, as Malika, connected to Source, are a Blessing to this world, this Creation, and now with a growing appreciation of worldwide followers of your Grace and Love to and for all of us. I have a growing blossoming love focused to your mission that Source is unfolding through you. I bow down to your Divine mission to help us grow toward that realization of Source within and the Source outside of us is the same. During the eyes closed, in meditation … In amongst the wandering in and out of thoughts from the small mind of the lower self, there was deep Silence. Then the Sound became a vibration centered at the Crown and flowing down to the Third Eye. This is when an image also became part of the vibration at the Third Eye. The image of a seed, buried in the ground sprouting and exerting pressure upward to the Crown. Pushing upward for the initial contact with the Sun. Still surrounded by the nourishing media of “soil”, preparing for something amazing to happen. Then I had the full range of vibrations flowing from the Root to the Crown, dissipating, then rising again. I had the feeling of understanding that the Throat is opening for the communication. With my Heart opening for my feelings to emerge. Now along with my Third Eye activating and the Crown feeling as if tender prods or tendrils are forming to establish contact to a Higher Self. Wow, Wow, Wow. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! I am beginning to “feel”, in its infancy, the music of Source. With EVERYTHING you are helping me with I am amazed at the clarity of the aspects of this Retreat. Thank you
Peter Goodman, USA
Hi Malika, today was quite phenomenal- especially the evening meditation - during the Sun beyond the Sun beyond the Sun session I just melted into the ocean of light behind me completely unplugged from my body which seemed to be just a shell being used to plug into this dimension with. I kept falling into the ocean of light and disappearing into it and it took some effort to plug back into the body which I was determined to do because activations were going on and I didn’t want to miss that. But it was so easy and blissful to fall back into the light and let go of everything. Also I could also see endless galleries of what looked like windows and I could enter through those- like a portal into other dimensions. Earth like spaces but not Earth - was my feeling. One of the windows was just a realm of frequency…. Difficult to articulate but just a field of various frequencies. Most interesting and exceptional session- now that I believe that it’s not my imagination the experience is becoming so much more intense. The mind is not understanding much and is in a zone of ‘cannot compute’ but it’s just beautiful. Awesome session- I am filled with gratitude for having experienced it, many many thanks . Lots of love and Regards
Sehar Mahajan, India
The work you do is amazing! I loved your retreat so, so, so much… - & I’ve been a spiritual seeker for more than 25 years & been to hundreds of retreats with many amazing, amazing beings - yours was Extra Special! This retreat is AMAZING!!!!! I’m SO grateful to be here receiving the blessing - and upgrades! It’s WONDERFUL! - it just keeps getting better & better. Very, very grateful!!!
Graham Kutner-Simon, UK
I've been on many retreats over the years, but Malika's retreat was deeply satisfying. It brought unexpected insights and powerful openings. She introduced us to communicating with our meditation sound. That developed into an unexpected friendship that warms the heart with each sitting. I experienced several major releases. She also brought out many practical insights I could quickly apply. I look forward to more retreats with her.
David Buckland, Canada
I connected with Source deeply during the retreat and afterwards I had the profound sensation of being a newborn flower emerging into life. Before, I was living in something like a cocoon and then after this retreat, this feeling of really being into life, into light came in and my heart expanded as well. 🙏 🕉
Marie-Manon Giguère, Canada
Wow- I experienced very intense, powerful- and lovely vibrations in both sessions. First thing I noticed was focused vibration in my perineal area/ root chakra. Like a sexual energy. In the second portion of the first session, I felt that move up into the solar plexus area as a more focused energy there – In the third portion, I could sense the vibration in my heart centre. Heart felt open – I had more intense energy sensations – A couple of times, it felt like ‘things shifting around’. It all felt delightful – It felt like the deepest sense of loving energy I’ve experienced so far. I felt vulnerable – a little bit shaky for a wee bit – My body sighed a few times — and relaxed and felt like I could ‘let go’ — like a letting go of control. Like I could just be. In my activation session – it was the strongest energy I’ve experienced so far- very powerful vibration – high vibration all over my body— I cannot remember which part -first or activation, I got information ‘hold purest intentions in my heart for highest good’ and that my vibration of this energy (love) will activate healing. Thank you for what you do!
Janine Eby, USA
After Malika's retreat, I found my source vortex. I felt intuitively guided to take a spur of the moment trip to a city I'd never been to before and so I did. The moment I stepped off the plane in Miami, I nearly wept. I felt something I'd never felt in my whole life--like I belonged somewhere, truly and deeply. The entire trip was full of unexpected blessings, miraculous healings, increased spiritual immunity and resiliency, effortless alignment, and a deep happiness. It all was such a sudden and life-changing transformation beyond what I ever expected and I am now looking to make this move more permanent. I want to feel that bliss all the time!! I am so grateful for Malika's retreat with Source, her healing gifts, and her presence in my life, which helped, and continues to help, to make sacred moments like this possible.
Katie Beers, USA